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PING Nordic Sweater

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The stylish pattern may be the first thing you notice about this sweater, but it’s not just about looking good; you’re also getting a warm, comfortable extra layer for the course.

Combining SensorWarm thermal technology with a water-resistant finish means that PING can let you get on with your golf whilst being warm and dry. It's every golfer's dream (behind, maybe, a hole-in-one)!

Key features and benefits:

  • SensorWarm thermal technology keeps you warm no matter how cold it gets outside
  • Stretch fabric allows freedom of movement in your golf swing
  • Water-resistant finish keeps out light rain to ensure you stay dry
  • Breathable material helps you feel fresh for longer on the course
  • Stand-up collar provides added protection for your neck against the wind

Style, warmth and comfort in the winter months? This sweater is a must-try, so reserve yours in the Pro Shop by clicking below.

Reserve yours here.